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Fr. Ishaya

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Would you like to improve your business, professional, and/or social speaking skills? Do you want to speak English clearly and correctly? Are you looking for the most effective way to improve your American accent? If you are looking for customized accent training to address specific accent reduction needs, want to gain confidence, want to be better understood, A World with Words can assist you.​

​Every one has the ability to speak English with clear and proper pronunciation. Accent reduction incorporates the learning of language skills such as sound, stress patterns, rhythm, and intonation patterns of American English.

Who can benefit from foreign accent improvement?

Participants come from all walks of life: accountants, actors, airline pilots, attorneys, college teachers and students, computer programmers, engineers, ministers, priests, physicians, psychologists, sales people, etc.​

​A World with Words can assist you by setting up an individualized program based on analysis of your speech by a certified speech language pathologist.

What makes this method of foreign accent improvement work?

You are taught by qualified speech language pathologist certified in accent reduction.​​​
You are taught to hear and learn the difference between American English sounds and their own.
You are taught to practice and improve on your error sounds.
You are provided with a comprehensive set of practice exercises via online password to work on error sounds 24/7 via the Internet for self-study.​
You incorporate new American English in to your conversational speech.
​Training hours that are designed to accommodate each participant’s busy schedule and time requirements.

A World with Words is committed to your success. Please contact me today to further discuss your accent improvement needs, rates and your schedule requirements.